Chairman Message

It’s indeed a pleasure and great satisfaction to step in to the next session of Panchsheel Academy. The school offers so many exciting challenges and opportunities for parents, teachers and students to come together and bond together, learn together and evolve together. Nothing is more important to success in school than quality of relationships between “students, teachers and parents.” PANCHSHEEL aims to spread its wings to provide quality education and carry forward its motto “IN SERVICE OF EDUCATION” in the true spirit of dedication and selflessness with enthusiasm, attitude and ideas, we teach a lesson for a day and curiosity for life time. Let us together make learning in school a happy, enriching and invigorating experience.

Teaching has become highly specialized in today’s globalized world and needs to be constantly upgraded. The Panchsheel not only to facilitate knowledge delivery but the children should also develop proper understanding and appreciation of inter-cultural similarities and differences and think about the world as a global village.

I expect from my Panchsheel family to achieve the four D’s for quality work – DEDICATION, DEVOTION, DISCIPLINE and DETERMINATION. We seek your support and co-operation in our efforts to make a difference in each Child’s life.